Booking for the pre-meeting laboratory experience is now closed.  Plenty of space is still available for the main meeting.  To join the waiting list for the pre-meeting, email  

Want to learn some great new techniques to take back to your lab courses?  The FUN pre-workshop laboratory experience provides an intense, hands-on crash course in a number of lab techniques.  Enrollment is limited to 32 participants.  Each lab is taught in a 4-hour block by an expert, and provides enough knowledge and experience for you to bring the activities into your own curriculum.

The pre-workshop laboratory experience is optional.  Sessions begin at 8am on July 27 and conclude at 12pm on July 28.  Advance check-in is available on July 26.

Registration for the laboratory experience must be made with the main meeting (no registration for the lab experience alone).  Costs for the two combined are $695 with shared accommodations on campus, $765 with single accommodations on campus, or $615 without accommodations.  Registration fees include all meals (for the lab experience: Thursday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Friday breakfast and lunch).  Register here.

Confirmed sessions for the 2017 pre-workshop include:

  • Fruitfly Optogenetics
  • Using NeuroBytes to Explore Neural Networks
  • NEURON-based labs for Undergraduates
  • Exploring the Transcriptional Mechanisms of Memory with Undergraduate
  • Build your own Amplifiers for EMG
  • Using Allen Brain Institute Resources for Undergraduate Labs
  • Reflex Reversal Lab for Undergraduates
  • Studying learning with C. elegans and Undergraduates