Ask FUN: Recommendations Request for Brain Day Displays

Ask FUN: Recommendations Request for Brain Day Displays

Submitted by Amy Pearce


I am a faculty sponsor for our student chapter of the Society for Neuroscience and we host an annual Brain Awareness Day.  We have done so for many years on a very modest budget of $100-$300 and have employed just about every activity recommended on the excellent Neuroscience for Kids website developed by Dr. Erik Chudler (see: 

Thanks to a neuroscience outreach award from the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, we actually have money to purchase some larger items. We are in the market for crowd-pleasing and educational interactive games, models, displays, and so on that we can re-use for several years. They should be able to be demonstrated by undergraduate or graduate students and not too costly to maintain. I have explored lots of science museums but most of their stations and equipment exceed our $2000 budget. Does anyone have recommendations?

Please send ideas to Amy R. Pearce, Associate Professor of Psychology and Faculty Affiliate of the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, Arkansas State University-Jonesboro, Arkansas;


P.S. For information on our brain day and for tips on how to host your own on limited resources, refer to the article published in JUNE, available at: