Post Your Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities with FUN

Jared Young

Mills College


Research experience is a fundamental piece of an undergraduate neuroscience education, particularly for students who are pursuing a career in the field. At the same time, research labs can benefit from the work an undergraduate can provide. Many institutions offer formal summer research programs for undergraduates, and we maintain a list of these opportunities on the FUN website.


This internship list helps empower students to find opportunities and provides a venue for our membership and others to advertise their programs. This page is consistently the most visited page on the FUN website.


Of course, this list is only as useful as its content. We appreciate any research opportunities that you and your colleagues can provide us with. Just send an email to me ( Include the name of the opportunity you would like listed (or just the institution at which it is housed) and a link to the website where more information can be found. In addition to posting these, I (or one of my students) periodically comb through the list, repair/remove old links, and update application deadlines.  Any help you can provide with this (emailing when a link changes or a program is no longer being run, updating us with new application deadlines) is most helpful.


If you do not have a website, but would like to make a document available to students (like a flyer with information on the program), I can also do that. Just send what you would like posted to my email.


This link has served many students and programs well in the past and we hope it continues to do so for many years to come.