• Congress Finalizes FY 2009 Research Funding

    The Senate approved the Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009 (H.R. 1105), finalizing funding levels for the fiscal year that began on October 1, 2008. Increases for research to improve health are as follows:

     *   National Institutes of Health - $30.3 billion, a 3.2% increase
     *   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - $6.6 billion, a 3.7% increase
     *   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - $372 million, an 11.3% increase

  • Free Software for Teaching Neuroscience Labs

    Free software for teaching labs in neurophysiology and sex differences in the spinal cord available at http://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/


  • Past Officers of FUN


    Officers 2013-2014

  • Past-President Responsibilities

    This page contains all of the information regarding the responsibilities of Past-President.  The calendar starts with the end of the FUN Social when the executive committee officially rolls over into the new year.




  • Roles Overview

    FUN Roles:

    Drupal has a roles-based membership management system.  Each user has an account (user name/password).  That account can be assigned different roles (e.g. member, sponsor, president) that confer specific priveleges to the account.  Roles can be assigned based on payments made, or manually by the treasurer or secretary.  Here are the basic roles and priveleges that exist on the current FUN website:

  • Manual Dues - Delete an Account

    Deleting an account should not normally be necessary.  If a member stops paying dues, thier membership role can be revoked automatically or by manually adjusting their due date (see here).  By revoking membership roles, the user will retain an account, but will be de-listed from the membership directory, unable to view member emails, and unable to post content.  This is usually sufficient to inactivate an account but leaves open the possibility of the member returning.  However, in some cases it is clear the account will not or should not be re-act

  • Manual Dues - Due Date Override

    It may be necessary to manually update a member's due date.  If this is due to a payment received, then consult the help section on paying by check here.  If this is simply a correction of the member's due date, follow on.

  • Manual Dues - Payment By Check

    Assuming that the user's account has already been setup, receiving a payment by check requires: 1) generating an dues order, and 2) registering the payment.

  • Manual Dues - Account Creation

    Despite attempts to have dues run automatically, there will probably be occasions in which it is necessary to manually intervene in this process.

    Create a New Account

    This should not normally be necessary, as most users should be able to register themselves.  This is a 5-step procedure: be sure to complete all steps.  Here is the general procedure:

  • Normal Dues Workflow

    The dues roles (member, sponsor, etc). are setup for semi-autonomous operation.  This is the normal worflow:

    New Member:

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