• Manual Dues - Account Creation

    Despite attempts to have dues run automatically, there will probably be occasions in which it is necessary to manually intervene in this process.

    Create a New Account

    This should not normally be necessary, as most users should be able to register themselves.  This is a 5-step procedure: be sure to complete all steps.  Here is the general procedure:

  • Normal Dues Workflow

    The dues roles (member, sponsor, etc). are setup for semi-autonomous operation.  This is the normal worflow:

    New Member:

  • Dues Help

    These pages provide an overview of the Drupal dues system and provide step-by-step instructions for managing the FUN membership. 

    Only FUN secretaries and treasurers can access this book.  In addition to technical details on managing the website, these pages are an excellent resource for sharing institutional knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of the FUN treasurer and secretary.  Please feel free to add or edit pages.

  • President Elect Responsibilities

     The following information provides a timeline of the President-Elect's Responsibilities.  Important documents are attached at the bottom of the page.

    January to March

    Travel Awards

  • Executive Committee Task Calendar

    These pages contain all of the information required to run FUN efficiently.  The calendar starts with the end of the FUN Social when the executive committee officially rolls over into the new year. Please update these pages as needed.




  • FUN Faculty Awards


    The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience annually recognizes members who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate neuroscience.  These awards are based on peer nominations and are announced at the FUN Social and Poster Session at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. The specific awards and previous winners are listed below. To nominate a member for 2017, please email a short letter of nomination explaining your reasons for nominating to ajstavnezer@wooster.edu. The deadline for nominations for 2017 is September 1.


  • FUN Program and Department Consultation Service

    The Program and Department Consultations Service (PDCS) is a service offered to undergraduate programs and departments through the FUN Committee on Education. Developed in response to an increasing need for evaluations, the consultation service provides undergraduate neuroscience programs and departments with a list of qualified consultants who will provide feedback that will enable them to improve their programs.

    The PDCS maintains a database of faculty consultants with expertise in a broad range of areas. Specific areas include:

  • Undergraduate Neuroscience Curriculum Development

    The biennial FUN Undergraduate Neuroscience Workshops have generated important blueprints for curriculum development. These guides to program design are freely available through JUNE.

  • Regional Undergraduate Neuroscience Meetings

    The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience supports the development of regional conferences that promote undergraduate research.  These meetings provide opportunities for undergraduate neuroscientists to present their original research.  In addition these meetings help to build regional networks of faculty interested in undergraduate research and education.  Look for more regional meetings in the years to come.


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