Microarrays available for educators

 GCAT is pleased to make this call for DNA microarray requests. Share this email with anyone you think might be interested. 


We are offering 13 species this year, with rat as a new tentative offering. We are waiting for a donation of oligos from Australia thanks to a connection by Laura Hoopes. 
The cost of the microarrays is the same as last year. $20 per slide but the first slide/shipment is $60 to pay for shipping charges. The $20 covers service contract for scanner. 
The deadline is May 28, 2010. This will be a firm deadline. In years past, we have accepted late requests, but suppliers were not pleased so we won't add on late requests from now on. 
Important note: GCAT is an all volunteer group. We do not have full time staff. Peggy scans around her regular work duties. PLEASE do not call the day you are shipping chips to have them scanned. PLEASE contact us at least one week in ADVANCE so we can schedule scanning or find an alternative scanning site. On one day, Peggy scanned 29 slides!!!
If you have a new scanner and would like to be considered as a GCAT scanning site, please email us to be added to this page:
You will be sent the $20 per scan at the end of the academic year if you can tell us how many chips you scanned and for whom. 
Remember that assessment of students and FACULTY is part of your agreement when you use GCAT microarrays. Have your students fill out the assessment and you should fill our your portion too. 
GCAT is committed to offering DNA microarrays through 2012 when our HHMI funding expires. Anyone wanting to sustain DNA microarrays or lead a GCAT effort in DNA sequencing is welcomed to contact Malcolm about ways to transition the leadership. 
I am fully committed to leading GCAT into synthetic biology beyond 2012 as best we can. We will seek additional funding for more workshops in the future. 
A. Malcolm Campbell, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Director, James G. Martin Genomics Program
Davidson College
Founding Director of GCAT (www.bio.davidson.edu/GCAT )
Box 7118 (US Mail)
209 Ridge Road (shipping)
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