2010 FUN Equipment Loan Call for Proposals

2010 Call for Proposals

FUN Equipment Loan Program

FUN is pleased to announce the 2010 Call for Proposals for the Equipment Loan Program. Through generous donations from Kinder Scientific and ADInstruments we are now accepting applications for proposals requesting a loan of equipment for research and/or teaching for FUN members. Review of applications will begin on October 4, 2010.

Available equipment: if additional equipment becomes available it will be posted on the application website.

Kinder Scientific: 

Startle Monitor System.  More information available at the Kinder Scientific website.


PowerLab 4/26T

The PowerLab 26T is an integrated data recording unit featuring a dual Bio Amp, an isolated stimulator, trigger input and two independent analog outputs (non-isolated). The ML856 provides the option of up to four general DIN inputs (Inputs 3 & 4 are shared between the dual Bio Amp). With appropriate transducers and accessories the PowerLab 26T covers the broad experimental requirements in neurobiology education.

PTK 19

The PTK19 is ideal for conducting experiments using isolated animal nerve, skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle preparations. The Bridge Pod and transducer measure muscle contractile force. The cables connect to the Nerve Chamber or the Muscle Holder and plug directly into the analog inputs and analog outputs of the PowerLab system for recording and stimulating tissues.

All dues-paying members of FUN are eligible to apply for this program. Applications must be submitted electronically. Review of applications will begin on October 4, 2010 and awards will be announced in early November. An official announcement of awards will be made at the FUN Social in San Diego, although awardeed will be notified prior to the meeting.

The Equipment Loan Program Application is only available to dues-paying members of FUN.  Additional application information and the required cover page can be found in For Members section of the left-hand navigation menu after logging into the FUN website.

Contact Jean Hardwick (jhardwick@ithaca.edu) with questions.