2012 FUN Equipment Loan Winners

FUN is pleased to announce that the following proposals were funded with the generous support of our corporate donors for the 2012 FUN Equipment Loan Program:

 “Wound healing and regeneration in Lumbriculus variegates”

Veronica G. Acosta, University of the Incarnate Word

Award of a PowerLab 26T system from ADInstruments and a Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope


“Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Cognition and Social Responding”

Adrienne J. Betz, Quinnipiac University

Award of a PAS Open Field with Rearing Frames (2 Stations) from San Diego Instruments and EthoVision XT software from Noldus.


“Investigating the time-course of crossmodal sensory plasticity caused by retinal degeneration”

Michael Jarvinen, Emmanuel College

Award of a Two SR-Lab Systems from San Diego Instruments.


Many thanks to our sponsors and selection committee, and best of luck to the awardees!