Deadline Extended: Submit an ERIN review and win an iPad Mini

Dear FUN Colleagues,


If spring break or grading exams kept you from participating in the SfN/ERIN iPad lottery, you are in luck! The deadline has been extended one additional week, to March 20. The number of new reviews did not reach the minimum of fifty, although that number is achievable. If you submit a review of an existing ERIN resource (or nominate and review a new resource), your odds of winning an iPad Mini could be as high as one in fifty. This is vastly better than most lotteries!


To participate, review the textbook you use, a video you assign, a published lab exercise, or some other resource that improves your course. You will enhance ERIN, the Society for Neuroscience's portal to resources for higher education, and you will also have very favorable odds for winning an iPad Mini.


I'll add that ERIN was proposed, designed and staffed by FUN members -- who often are the SfN members most concerned about effective teaching. It would be very appropriate if the iPad prize went to a member of FUN.


Further details are in the original announcement, excerpted below.


With best wishes,



Richard F. Olivo

Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, Smith College Project Director, Educational Resources (ERIN), Society for Neuroscience




ERIN is the Society for Neuroscience's Web portal for Educational Resources in Neuroscience. It lists hundreds of resources for higher education that were selected by ERIN's board of editors. The resources span diverse topic areas, and include videos, images, software, textbooks, and many other media. ERIN also includes reviews by faculty who have used a resource in their teaching.


To encourage busy faculty to submit reviews, if at least 50 new reviews are received by March [20], 2013, one review will be chosen at random and its author will receive an Apple iPad Mini. Reviewers may suggest a new resource not yet listed in ERIN before reviewing it, and they may review more than one resource to increase their chances of winning. Reviews must describe the strengths and weaknesses of a resource in the context of a course in which it was used. Reviews need not be lengthy, but they must be informative.


Go to, log in as an SfN member, and submit a review in the next few days, before the deadline expires. You might win an iPad Mini!