Euroscholars: A Unique Study Abroad Opportunity

Euroscholars:  A Unique Study Abroad Opportunity

Euroscholars is a study abroad program that incorporates a research component with a semester abroad at one of 11 leading research institutions in Europe such as the Karolinska Institute, KU Leuven and Ludwig Maximilian University among others.  Euroscholars spans several disciplines and is an excellent opportunity for an advanced neuroscience student.  It specifically targets science students who might otherwise have demanding curricular and research schedules that would preclude having the time for studying abroad.  Students enrolled in the program receive a full semester’s credit with the majority of credit hours coming from independent laboratory research projects and courses directly related to it.  There are also language and culture classes associated with the program.  The website for the program outlines available projects specific to individual research programs at each university:

Dr. Michael Ruscio (College of Charleston and member of the FUN education committee) recently attended a site visit with the Euroscholars program and can also provide some insight regarding parameters of the program (