FUN Booth Informational Sessions

FUN Booth Informational Sessions

Informal discussion of topics of interest to you at the FUN booth round table!


How can FUN help YOU: Student Travel Grants and the Equipment Loan Program  

Sun 10 am  with Lisa Gabel and Jeff Smith


NuRhoPsi-The National Honor Society in Neuroscience

Come to the Nu Rho Psi information session for faculty/students at schools considering applying for a Nu Rho Psi charter, or come to ask any questions about Nu Rho Psi.

Mon 11 am with Andy Mickley, Graham Cousens, Eric Wiertelak and Zoe Hesp


Designing an undergraduate neuroscience program  

Mon 1 pm  with Elaine Reynolds


How to prepare for a career at a small liberal arts college 

Tues 10 am with Hewlet McFarlane