FREE NSF-FUNDED WORKSHOP - Mizzou's 10th Annual Summer Neuroscience Workshop May 22-27, 2016 (ONE WEEK)

The University of Missouri-Columbia Colleges of Engineering and Biological Sciences will host a 6-day interdisciplinary workshop
focused on active learning in neuroscience using virtual (software) labs from Sunday- Friday, May 22-27, 2016 on the Columbia
campus. This workshop is targeted to undergraduate faculty (your can also bring one student with expertise in computers/software
during 2015-16) from biological sciences, psychological sciences and engineering and to high school teachers with an interest in
teaching and learning more about neuroscience using software-based instructional modules. The workshop was initiated in 2007 as
part of a National Science Foundation grant to MU to develop undergraduate curriculum in the area of computational neuroscience,
and continues to be offered free beyond the duration of the grant.

In recent years, Computational Neuroscience has developed tools to abstract and generalize principles of neural function using
mathematics. These tools have proven powerful for research in a wide neuroscience spectrum including molecular, cellular, and
systems levels. However, computational methods also provide valuable tools for teaching neuroscience. Several comprehensive, yet
easy to use software packages to model neurons and networks, which can be used in teaching, are available at low costs. Neural
models can be used alone, or together with simple biological experiments to demonstrate basic neurobiological concepts, and give
students hands-on experience, to significantly improve the student's learning experience.

The workshop will introduce one hardware and seven software experiments in the form of ‘virtual labs’ which can be directly
incorporated into existing neurobiology or physiology courses, or used for the development of new courses. The hardware experiment
covered in the workshop can be custom build locally at low cost (all instructions to build it will be provided). Workshop participants
are supplied with ‘ready to use’ electronic versions of all hardware and software experiments, and of all the lectures.


Eligibility & Application process: Faculty at 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, and high school teachers with interest in
teaching neurobiology are eligible to apply. To apply, just complete the on-line application form at the site -

For further information about the workshop, contact Drs. Satish S. Nair (573-882-2964;, David J. Schulz (573-
882-4067;, or David Bergin (573-882-1303;

Application Deadline: April 30, 2016. (see following page for additional information about the NSF project)

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