Innovative Neuroscience Graduate Training Program

The University of South Dakota Neuroscience & Nanotechnology Network (USD-N3) is currently accepting applications for students interested in its PhD training program. For more information see our website ( or contact us by email ( 

The USD-N3 is supported by the NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program and provides training in the development of novel nanotechnology-derived tools aimed at both understanding the brain and potentially treating disorders of the brain. Our students receive tuition and stipend support, including an annual stipend of $34,000 for two years. A major goal of our program is to prepare students for careers both within and outside of academia and therefore provides career development workshops and opportunities to take graduate-level courses in business, education, government/public policy, and writing/mass communication. The USD-N3 highly values providing graduate training opportunities for students from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual orientation, and other cultural and social backgrounds. For the scientific enterprise to serve all members of our society, all members of our society must be involved in science.