Call for proposal for papers on teaching in the new era of psychological science

Special Issue in Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT):
Teaching in the New Era of Psychological Science
Guest editors: Susan A. Nolan, Tamarah Smith, Robert Calin-Jageman, & Kelly M. Goedert
There are major changes underway in how psychological science is conducted, with new best practices emerging that focus on ethical, open, and reliable research. These sweeping changes are already becoming normalized in research. It is now time to reckon with how to update undergraduate teaching and training to reflect these new best practices in psychological science. The international peer-reviewed journal Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT) (SAGE Publishers; is planning a special issue on teaching in this new era of psychological science. We invite papers that will address one or more of the following (or related) topics with respect to learning objectives, pedagogical approaches, teaching tools, assessment, and/or curricula:
? Open Science, with new practices such as pre-registration and new tools for sharing data and materials
? Changing publication models, including pre-registered review and new requirements for clear sample-size planning and transparent reporting
? Collaborative replication projects
? Shifts away from the use of p values and null-hypothesis significance testing and toward the “New Statistics” practices of focusing on effect sizes, uncertainty, and meta-analysis, as well as Bayesian parameter estimation and Bayesian hypothesis testing
? Increased focus on sampling from diverse populations (non-“WEIRD” samples)
? Increased focus on ethical standards that support inclusive and equitable professional conduct within the field
Note: For all of these topics, we are inviting papers that explicitly discuss introducing these ideas in teaching.
As a first step, we invite one-to-two-page proposals with an outline of what you want to contribute. Proposals should be submitted via e-mail to, and are due by November 16. In your proposal, please indicate the type of submission planned (e.g., article, review, report) as
described in the PLAT submission guidelines ( Please note that in addition to traditional empirical articles and summaries of research, reports of effective current practice, developments, and techniques are welcomed. The guest editors will invite select proposal authors to submit papers which will be evaluated through PLAT’s usual peer-review process. Please email or any of the guest editors for further
information, and feel free to distribute this call-for-proposals to interested colleagues.
Thank you!
Susan A. Nolan, Ph.D., Seton Hall University, U.S.A. (
Tamarah Smith, Ph.D., Cabrini University, U.S.A. (
Robert Calin-Jageman, Ph.D., Dominican University, U.S.A. (
Kelly M. Goedert, Ph.D., Seton Hall University, U.S.A. (
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