New Online Neuroscience Teaching Tool

This is a message from John Walsh at UCLA:

I wanted to let you know that we are developing an online course in Neuroscience that focusses heavily on animations, interactive exercises, videos and primary literature. We were developing what we call the Online Multitmedia Teaching Tool (OMTT) during the time of Neuroscience abstract submission and did not send in an abstract this go around. However, two modules are fully operational now, one on ION CHANNELS and another on SYNAPSES. We also have a chapter on PARKINSON'S DISEASE that will be placed into the course next month.

This project is sponsored by an NSF CCLI grant, which started last January (Award #0836966) ( Feel free to let people know about the course and I hope to see you at the meeting to let you know about its development and the opportunity for professors around the country to use the materials we assemble.

This is the link to our Neuroscience course web site: . Create a login account as a guest and navigate at your free time to see the possibilities. The course works best, as you would expect, with a fast connection. We also link to a number of journal articles and thus these links only work if your home institution has a subscription to the journal (ie. Science & Nature).

The course is designed so instructors can use the material in class to enhance their lectures (projecting the information from the web on their classroom screens) and/or as a home study supplement for students. Online laboratories are also included.

Gary Dunbar has used the material and he suggested I contact you to let you know about it.