Summer Course in Neuroethology

This is a graduate level course, but applications from advanced undergrads will be considered.

This 5-week graduate*-level course will focus on learning techniques in neuroethological research such as behavioral recording and analysis, electrophysiology of intact and reduced preparations, voltage clamp and pharmacology, immunohistochemistry, and confocal microscopy of neural structures.  Each pair of students will explore a project that helps them to learn the techniques that they need in their own research.  Research here will focus on the nudibranch sea slug Tritonia diomedea because it is amenable to neuroethological analysis.  Lectures will focus on background necessary to understand fundamental techniques in neurophysiology. 

More info:

Dr. James A. Murray, Ph.D.
South Science 303C, Department of Biological Sciences
California State University East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
Hayward CA 94542
office, 510-885-2367